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US-7927243-B2: Transmission belt patent, US-7961210-B2: Optical scanner used in color image-forming device patent, US-7962688-B2: Semiconductor storage device with nonvolatile and volatile memories, method of controlling the same, controller and information processing apparatus patent, US-7966331-B2: Method and system for assessing and optimizing crude selection patent, US-7996624-B2: Prefetch unit patent, US-8077583-B2: Optical element, aberration correcting element, light converging element, objective optical system, optical pickup device, and optical information recording reproducing device patent, US-8261876-B2: Automotive trim part for sound insulation and absorption patent, US-8458568-B2: Systems and methods for memory devices patent, US-8470255-B2: Honeycomb filter and method for producing honeycomb filter patent, US-8499735-B2: Device for reducing emissions in a vehicle combustion engine patent, US-8503312-B2: Failure recovery in an IP multimedia subsystem network patent, US-6817909-B2: Electrical splice connector with spring patent, US-6907838-B2: Floating structures patent, US-7044730-B1: Device for improving gas fuel burning patent, US-7169739-B2: Methods of reducing sag in non-aqueous fluids patent, US-7401309-B2: Integrated circuit hierarchical design system, integrated circuit hierarchical design program and integrated circuit hierarchical design method patent, US-7524925-B2: Protein interaction reporter agents and methods for using same patent, US-7614678-B2: Rotating vehicle console patent, US-7673941-B2: Delayed gas spring chair patent, US-7699468-B2: Ophthalmologic surgical microscope having a measuring unit patent, US-7773876-B2: Camera module contamination reduction gasket patent, US-7834050-B2: Small molecule insulin mimetics absent quinones patent, US-7923899-B2: Ultrasonic actuator patent, US-7924745-B2: Hybrid mobile communication system comprising multi-hop-ad-hoc and circuit-switched modes patent, US-8113223-B2: Telescoping umbrella patent, US-8146333-B2: Device for placing sleeves on traveling articles patent, US-8181672-B2: Spiral-wound diaphragm bellows, and method of making such a diaphragm bellows patent, US-8270798-B2: Routing guide for a movable fiber optic equipment tray or module patent, US-8347840-B2: Process and system for starting a direct-injecting internal-combustion engine as well as motor vehicle patent, US-8367958-B2: Button assembly with inverted dome switch patent, US-8482542-B2: Capacitive touch panel patent, US-8518301-B2: Carbon dioxide reforming process patent, US-4172213-A: Byte stream selective encryption/decryption device patent, US-8544416-B2: Ventilated rack system patent, US-6779786-B2: Mixer for mixing at least two flows of gas or other newtonian liquids patent, US-6840312-B1: Cooling element for a heater exchange patent, US-6889710-B2: Rotary sequencing valve with flexible port plate patent, US-7115338-B2: Battery and method for generating electricity patent, US-7222097-B2: Anonymous credit card patent, US-7295333-B2: Printing device with installable data conversion function patent, US-7387334-B2: Folding chair patent, US-7392724-B2: Steering wheel with at least one device for the fastening of build-on parts patent, US-7428400-B2: Primary transfer unit of image forming apparatus patent, US-7541710-B2: Rotating electric machine patent, US-7677620-B1: Disc retrieving apparatus patent, US-7756384-B2: Method for forming anti-reflective coating patent, US-7843010-B2: Crystalline semiconductor film and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8036473-B1: Pixel selective wavelet transform methods patent, US-8112159-B2: Kit for implantation of therapy elements patent, US-8425036-B2: Optical tomographic imaging apparatus and control method for the same patent, US-6757044-B2: Liquid crystal display device with spacers controlling thickness of liquid crystal layer patent, US-6846177-B1: Method and apparatus for facilitating a tobacco curing process patent, US-6907179-B2: Device for holding optical components patent, US-7105261-B2: Toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus patent, US-7119147-B2: Rubber composition patent, US-7149334-B2: User interface for computed tomography (CT) scan analysis patent, US-7264117-B2: Orthodontic patient set-up tray patent, US-7298284-B2: Educational toy clock patent, US-7458372-B2: Inhalation therapy device patent, US-7601104-B2: Passive gravity-balanced assistive device for sit-to-stand tasks patent, US-7613987-B2: Method for wireless data transmission patent, US-7678315-B2: Process for producing adhesive film patent, US-7749055-B2: Dual action corn cob separation and corn cob separator patent, US-7784791-B2: Toy comprising an improved three-dimensional puzzle patent, US-8025299-B2: Collapsible mechanic's creeper patent, US-8128467-B2: Crop residue chopping and spreading arrangement for a combine harvester patent, US-8187870-B2: Means for obtaining avirulent leishmania promastigotes, promastigotes obtained, and the applications thereof patent, US-8270542-B2: Method for evaluating quality of read signal and apparatus for reading information patent, US-8448328-B2: Methods of making aluminum based composite squirrel cage for induction rotor patent, US-6913770-B2: Process for the extraction of valerian root patent, US-6977979-B1: Enhanced clock forwarding data recovery patent, US-7600075-B2: Transaction-based storage system and method that uses variable sized objects to store data patent, US-7707153-B1: Automated work-flow management and document generation system and method patent, US-8134539-B2: Digital picture frame having near-touch and true-touch patent, US-8177434-B2: Fluid dynamic bearing device patent, US-6846329-B2: Knee prosthesis patent, US-7214823-B2: Hydroxycitric acid complex metal salts, composition, and methods patent, US-7329641-B2: Blood substitutes patent, US-7419455-B2: Preventing reverse creep in a motor vehicle patent, US-7592823-B2: Electrical component handler having self-cleaning lower contact patent, US-7702077-B2: Apparatus for a compact HV insulator for x-ray and vacuum tube and method of assembling same patent, US-7960630-B2: Tremolo mechanism for a stringed musical instrument with angled saddle rollers patent, US-8098419-B2: Light control film and light control glass patent, US-8362979-B2: Agglomerated particles forming a protective layer of a plasma display panel patent, US-8490388-B2: System and method for outlet temperature control of an oxidation catalyst patent, US-7340730-B2: On demand, network accessible, run time compile server patent, US-7438915-B2: Immunopotentiating effect of a Fomitella fraxinea-derived lectin on chicken immunity and resistance to coccidiosis patent, US-7505840-B2: Method for controlling an electric pump drive motor of a power steering device patent, US-7544812-B2: Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor agonists patent, US-7646954-B2: Optical fiber telecommunications cable patent, US-7681811-B2: System comprising a nozzle and a fixing means therefor patent, US-7809159-B2: Estimation system, estimation method, and estimation program for estimating object state patent, US-7850350-B2: Rear view mirror with coloured appearance patent, US-8341224-B2: Multi-master text synchronization using deltas patent, US-8457379-B2: Method for quantifying organ motion, apparatus therefor, method for estimating organ position, apparatus therefor, method for irradiating radiation, apparatus therefor, and apparatus for detecting abnormal organ patent, US-8489866-B2: Branch trace history compression patent, US-8511050-B1: Draper support of a crop harvesting header patent, US-6948456-B2: Method and device for cooling a motor vehicle engine patent, US-7054231-B2: C-shaped medication reminder device patent, US-7239310-B2: Display apparatus including screen saver function patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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