Montage des lames helicoidales sur les cylindres tondeurs

Fixing for helical blades on cylinder lawn mower - has joint with blades bonded into helical grooves formed in cylinder.

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Henri Paulus Atel
  • Publication Date: January 16, 1984
  • Publication Number: BE-897812-A


The system is used to mount helical blades (3) on the cylinder (1) of a lawn-mower, being initiated by forming helical grooves (2) in the cylinder. Next the blades are housed into the grooves to be secured by an appropriate adhesive, the groove width being nominally equal to blade thickness. - The number of blades on the cylinder may equal the circumference divided by the distance L between blade centres. L equals 1+ b1 + b2 + e where 1 is the blade thickness, b1 and b2 represent the adhesive filled clearance of the order of 0.1mm and e is the clear gap between blades. The adhesive may be of the anaerobide or the cyanoacrylate type.(1/1)
Le montage est effectué suivant une méthode consistant à réaliser dans le cylindre tondeur des rainures hélicoidales calibrées de manière approximativement correspondante à l'épaisseur des lames hélicoidales à y insérer, et à monter les lames dans ces rainures par collage au moyen d'un produit adhésif approprié.




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